Engine oil burning mystery

The engine is in a 1990s Honda H5013 tractor. This is a small tractor
with a 13 HP air cooled engine. The tractor sat for 5 years in my
brother's yard without being started or moved .
My son went down to California, near Salinas, and picked it up.
After only a little work, like changing the oil, draining the old gas
from the tank, and putting in a battery the thing started up and ran
pretty well. It burned oil when first started but then this stopped.
Now that it's up here in WA I cleaned the carb real well, and my son
adjusted the valves, were only a little loose, only .001". The thing
starts up easy and runs well but still burns oil intermittently.
When my son adjusted the valves we saw no oil pooling under the
valve cover so I don't think oil is being sucked past the intake valve
stem. But I could be wrong.
I checked the oil level and I don't think it is over filled. I am
checking the oil level according to the dirctions in the manual.
Yesterday I drove it down the hill to my neighbor's house and it
really started smoking. Then as I drove up his driveway the smoking
lessened. The downhill slope and uphill slope were not very steep
The smoking is for sure oil smoke, white and thick in this case,
it's not the black smoke you see from an overly rich gas mixture.
Like I said, it's intermittent. I will be driving on a level slope
and the engine will start pumping out smoke for a while and then stop.
Sometimes there is a lot of smoke and sometimes just a little and
sometimes none at all.
Aside from the smoke the tractor is a great little machine, 4
wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, locking rear diff, and is the one I
want to add hydraulic blade swiveling to. Since the blade only
descends by gravity I want to add a cylinder to push the blade down
Any thoughts?

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snipped-for-privacy@whidbey.com wrote on 10/8/2018 7:33 PM:
Burning oil should be blue smoke.
If you are losing oil, you may want to check the oil drain plug to see if it has the proper washer so that oil won't come out from the drain plug while the tractor is vibrating.
Try tightening all the nuts and bolts around the engine block to prevent leaking through the gaskets.
Use thicker oil like 10W-40 may help. 10W-40 is allowed for a wide range of temperature as indicated on page 27 of the owner's manual.

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WGtLZ?? ? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ? ?? BMXF7 wrote on 10/8/2018 8:22 PM:
icked it up.
and my son
pooling under the
r filled. I am
house and it
in this case,
n a level slope
ittle machine, 4
On page 97 (Troubleshooting)
Excessive oil consumption
scosity of oil (see p.27)
ed Honda dealer.
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sticking rings??? Put some MMO in the oil and run some through the intake - mabee put some seafoam through the intake.
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Clare Snyder
I put some Seafoam in the oil and gas. I'll try the intake idea too. Thanks. I'm hoping the engine just needs to run a while with the Seafoam in it. I was wondering if there was anything else I might have missed. Eric
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The reason the smoke looked white is because there was so much smoke at first. When it dies down it turns blue. If the Seafoam doesn't work I'll try MMO. Eric
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Is the smoke when traveling on a slope because the oil is getting blown through the crank case breather into the air filter housing, then getting breathed in when the slope is right? That'd line up with sticking rings as well.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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