First Flight!

For those that may care.....
Last monday (9/15) I took my Sig Kadet LT-40 out to the field for it's
maiden flight. I spend the last few months building it here and there
whenever I had a chance, and I finally finished it this week. To my suprise
it flew beautifully pretty much right off the bat. The OS .46 FX pulled it
effortlessley through the sky and I was suprised that big ole thing could
actually do loops and stuff. The only adjustment needed was to move the
linkage on the elevator control horn down a hole. But other than that it
flew well. My friend got it up in the air for me, and handed me the
controller for a while. I got 2 solid flights in before having to pack it up
and go home.
It was just awesome. I was petrified at first b/c I didn't want to crash
this plane I'd spend the last few months building, but my friend (who
doubles as my instructor) made sure everything was cool, and once I got a
feel for it all my fears seemed to dissipate (except those few moments I
forgot that when the plane is coming towards you the controls seem reversed,
but I managed to recover just about every mistake I made, and only had to
hand the controller back once). I mostly just flew in circles, but I did
manage to get a few solid figure 8's in. Next Monday I'm hoping I can even
do a take-off, but we'll see.
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Nick W.
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Good for you, Nick. Your instructor, hopefully, will not let you crash. If you do, however, rebuild and get back in the air. Welcome to R/C!
Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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Congrats! You are now doomed to spend all your time and money in what others (who just dont get it) will see as a mere hobby.' Welcome to the obsession!
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Fubar of The HillPeople
Congrats Nick! It's an awesome feeling isn't it :-D
The fear factor thing doesn't last long. Once your thumbs 'learn' what to do, you'll be blasting around without even having to think about it!
Welcome to the hobby :-)
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Great Job Nick: Welcome to the hobby. you've got yourself a great combination there to learn on. Oh and those first time jitter's don't worry about them I still get them after three years, specially if there been a two or three week blip between flights. Oh bye the way that plane will land it's self Had an instructor prove to me.
welcome have a great time join the madness tomb
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Thomas Buehrer
Awesome !!!! Good job.
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Congrats Charlie! Welcome to the best hobby/obsession on the planet! Warning, Balsa dust and CA may be habit forming. :-D Enjoy your new plane. Tom Wales AMA 435536
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Tom Wales

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