Flair Extra 300 spare needed

Long shot but worth a try ! Son managed to lose the aileron from the
left wing of his Extra 300 140 today and it landed somewhere in the
middle of a field full of crops. Extensive search (4 hours!) didn't
manage to find it. Anyone know where I might get one from? Either side
would do as it's just the colour that's different. Flair Direct only
seem to sell the entire wing and that's a bit much for just an
aileron! Alternatively would it be safe to make/carve one out of solid
balsa as I have the other one to get the sizes etc?
And he managed to land the plane fine with just one aileron!
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Len Cuff
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I don't think you will find a specific replacement aileron. Some hobby stores sell aileron stock which may work with little or no modification. You can "cover" it with a layer of 2" thin thin plastic tape if you don't care to invest in a roll of covering and tools to do it. You will need to hinge it though, ca hinges work well enough and only require an xacto knife and a small bit of thin superglue to install. You also need a control horn.
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Steve Banks

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