Free R/C Gear

If you live in or near the Modesto, California area I have some free R/C stuff
I am giving away but you must pick it up in person. I have a Kraft Electric
Chipmunk that was crashed but can be repaired or used for parts, a Radio Elecon
Nite Scout r/c car, some Sullivan control rod, a Futaba Attack 2 channel TX for
r/c cars, and some other items. I will not ship these items so you must pick
them up in person. E-mail me if you want to come and pick these items up.
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Joe D.
OK, but only if you promise to chop off my penis, cook it with garlic and red wine and let us eat it together. Then kill me and eat me.
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apostle protection program
What kind of crap responses are these? You are already dickless so he can't comply with your request.
-- Paul McIntosh
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Paul McIntosh
Jesus Christ, just a bit of fun... look at his Alias, Ensnare you. and you must have heard about that German Cannibal......
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apostle protection program
"look at his alias", indeed.
[plunk] Cheers, Fred McClellan The House Of Balsa Dust
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Fred McClellan

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