R/C Airplanes,R/C Vehicles,Compatible??

Do any of your clubs have airplanes and cars,trucks sharing the same
field??. A local car racing club has lost their place to run/race and
are wanting to join our club and build their own track on our property,A
lot of concerns here if the two can mesh..example: safety,frequency
problems,bank accounts,dues to the flying side of the club,just to
mention a couple.Our dues are $80 a year and has been flying only since
it's beginning.
Anyone else doing this???
We need some input before the meeting next Wed.
Anyone been there,done that (or tried that)??? Pro's and Con's???
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Most airplane fields have plenty of space to run an occasional car or two. I've seen a couple who have permanent car tracks, too. Airplanes are in the 72 mHz band, and cars are in the 75 mHz band, so there's no conflict there. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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We're having the same issue here it Utah. BUT our field, which is sitting basically surrounded by a river on three sides and other property on the other, is not large enough to run cars and not be over flown by the air traffic. I think we're just asking for trouble. If there were an accident we would all be looking for a new place to fly. The park is owned by Utah County and has been built and maintained for the last 20 years by the Airplane club. Now the car folks want to come in and use this public facility. If there was enough room I wouldn't care but there's not. This issue is yet to be resolved. On a brighter note, the county has told the car guys they will need to come up with some sort of insurance similar to AMA. This little problem may be our saving grace. Now I hear they are looking at other options.
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| On a brighter note, the county has told the car guys they will need | to come up with some sort of insurance similar to AMA. This little | problem may be our saving grace. Now I hear they are looking at | other options.
AMA insurance covers R/C car activities too. Boats and rocketry too, for that matter.
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... so they could just join the AMA and they'd be covered. That would certainly be an interesting way of increasing the size of your club and bringing people into flying, if you had the space and you wanted a bigger club.
From what I've seen, R/C car people and R/C plane people are pretty different. I'd expect some pretty big personality conflicts if the two groups had to actively cooperate on things. (But it would probably be just fine if each had their own area where each didn't have to bother the other.)
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Doug McLaren
There is another line of thought here also, can inviting a "car" club within your aircraft club hamper efforts to keep your flying field should there be trouble down the road with them? Back in PA we were within a mile or so of a R/C car track years back. You could hear the cars running from our field, yet you could not hear planes in the air from their track. The sound comming from the track was slight, but it was there. You know how local neighborhoods can be, what is your`s like?. Dust is a big concern too, and became the reason the local guys got booted off their track. Your question can only be answered by your members. Do you have the room? Need the extra dues? Can you both operate safely? Is this going to be one "whole" club or two separate? Added maintenance, lawns, stone driveways, porta pottys, seats, ect. Do they draw heavy crowds on weekends? Is parking a problem? Have everyone in the club think it out completely and thoroughly before hand. Personally, I love the idea of RC airplanes, cars, control line and rockets all in the same place, but it`s just not practical at most locations. rick markel
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There is no conflict if they stay on the 75 MHz band. Around here some have used 72 MHz and were not aware it was illegal.
We addressed this issue a few years back and decided the con's way out weighed the pro's.
For example, that straight runway makes a good drag strip and who gets to use it when.
What happens to the airplane crowd when the number of car members exceed the airplane members. You could be voted right out of your flyin place.
You didn't say who owns the property you use, that can make a difference.
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Dan Thompson

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