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I'm planning to start a new Robotics club here in Pittsburgh. The club hasn't officially started yet, I'm hoping to start this by the beginning of next year. In the meantime, I hope to find some people interested in participating. The previous club has faded away, so I'm hoping to revive this activity here. There was also a local Battelbot club arena which closed down recently. So I dare to think this hobby is dying in my area. There is another club at the local university (CMU, yeah !). But I prefer to organize something which is more general purpose and similiar of the robot clubs which already exist around the country. So I hope anyone with some type of interest in Robotics would be willing to participate. I'm hoping that by posting this announcement I will encounter people from my area who are also interested. Any and all who are interested in robotics is welcome to join.

The Robotics club will be small at first, as it will be new and still growing. Eventually, it will be possible to host several events, such as, workshops for the experimenters, local competitions among the members, demonstrations by the local universties and industry. Possibly even getting one of our members sponsored to attend one of the annual competitions held across the country. I'm will be trying to get the local Science Museum here to let us hold our meetings there and maybe also host the competitions.

This will be slow going at first, as this is my first attempt at organizing a robotics club. So anyone who is currently at the helm of the many robotics clubs around the country, I could use any advice right now. Over the years, I've been a contributing member to other robotic clubs. I've dabbled with robotics since I was in high school, about 30 yrs ago now. But now, I think it's time to rejuvinate this hobby in the Pittsburgh area with some enthousiastic people and have some fun while doing this.

I don't have a website yet, in the coming months I will arrange a simple webpage for others to see what's happening in our area. I'll post the website here once it's online. Also, I'll start a Pittsburgh robotics group on Yahoo for people in the local area to contact each other. I believe this could be a good environment to let people take their families along to let them learn something about robotics too. I like to continue posting this announcement on the various robotics groups here on Yahoo to spread the word. Hopefully, this will find some more people local to my area. Anyone who is interested in joining please reply to my email directly instead of this group's email list.

---> Dan

thanks, Dan Pittsburgh Robotics Society

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