Robonexus photos

You can see some photos from Robonexus at
formatting link
was held last week in Santa Clara, California.
There are about 60 photos in all. The first dozen or so
photos are from the Kuaitech booth, where I was working
(the good looking guy in the first picture is me). The
rest are random photos of other exhibits, contests, and
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--Wish I could figure out how to get an mpg onto my webpage (OS problems at the moment); did anyone catch the little south Korean knock-off of Robo One that was doing cartwheels? Awesome!
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From HitechRCD. Yup, got video too. Will post soon 'nuff.
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Dave Hrynkiw
I was at the Robonexus but missed the cartwheel robot. I woke up too late. If anyone of you are posting it will nice to also post 'em on this thread since the thread is rig to automatically email me.
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burt squareman
Just noticed your post. Here are my pictures from Robonexus:
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Though I somehow forgot to take your picture, I really liked talking with you at the Kuaitech table; your story was the most inspiring thing I heard there. If I ever make it out to Shanghai I'll be sure to drop by, see what you do there, and learn a bit about how a waiguoren can make a living in China.
Enjoy, -Paul
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Paul Grayson

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