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Some of our club members bust their humps at the field and other club related tasks, others just show up and reap the benefits...guess its same with all clubs. We are looking for a way to reward the workers maybe with reduced dues or something like that. However, the task of keeping a record of the work done, by who, seems a bit cumbersome. Any of you clubs have a good method of doing that?

Phil AMA609

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10% of the membership-at-large do 90% of the work. No one realizes how much paperwork and record-keeping is involved in running a club.

We've tried that at our club. That will generate a lot of ill will from the others who don't work, believe it or not. They're the ones who think their dues should be lower, and they don't think the work done is worth anything. You'll probably have to raise their dues to compensate for lowering the worker's dues.

Don't get me wrong, the people who put in the time and effort to make a club run and maintain a field SHOULD be rewarded. But how?

You could lower their dues if everyone would keep it a secret.

If you come up with something, let me know. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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================== We give complimentary memberships to a member who hauls rock and fill dirt in; and to the brothers who own a porta potty company and furnish one to the club. This is nowhere near enough compensation for the value provided but they refuse to let us actually pay them. All 3 balked at the membership comp.

The member who owns the land where we fly, and does 99% of the work on the field, will not even accept a complimentary membership. He reluctantly allows us to reimburse some of the operating and repair expenses of the tractors and other equipment. We did manage to give him a gift card one year to take his wife out for a night on the town.

The people who do these things never expect any compensation, they are just good people who will help anyone any time.

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At our last meeting, someone suggested that the club officers, namely president, secretary and treasurer, wouldn't have to pay club dues for the year. This also happened to be the meeting where officers were nominated for the next year. The dues suggestion got a cool response from some who thought the club would lose too much revenue. Then when nominations came up, we couldn't get a single person to volunteer to replace the individuals that had been doing the same jobs for several years. Go figure. It does take time to take care of the things that most other members are not aware of. I don't look for compensation, however, it would be nice for someone to appreciate the efforts of the few who keep the club going.

John VB

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Unfortunately thats not just a club problem: Thats a "People" problem. Church is the same way. Dont care how big it is, there will only be about

1/3 of the prople taking care of it. Here's my 2 cents; the peop[le that work want to because they believe in the work they are doing, thus they have fun and enjoy it. I dont need to be compensated. Its what I like to do !

Denis Winters <

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Denis Winters

AMA D-VIII has begun what we call the "Dirty Dozen" program... Though this is on a district level, it could certainly be employed at a club level.


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Bill Fulmer

Hmm... it sounds like you were at MY club's last meeting :-)



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That's usually the way it is. Most times, the elections are a Lionel job. If the members would just realize that, by doing a lot of the scut work themselves, they could LOWER the dues by not having to pay out so much to have it done.

At the club I used to belong to, I cut the runway and pit areas, using a 42" rider I persuaded the club to buy for $1100. I charged $30 (mileage + time) per cut (100 x 400 runway and about half that in pit area). Even with me charging, the rider payed for itself in one season. Lawn services are a little pricey.

Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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Most feel that way, but it would be nice for someone to say "thanks" once in a while, or buy a dinner or two in appreciation. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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Looks like a popularity award to me... Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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Same Old Story as others here have stated. My club has tried numerous items to get more attention and activity both in flying and work details. The only thing that works well so far is the "Contracted Mowing". A number of members are under contract to mow. They get well compensated for their labor. The Club owns 3 mowers, 2 42" and one 48" restricted to pit and runway. To avoid an employee/employer relationship the contractors may rent the mowers and then receive "expenses" plus the contract labor schedule. Yes, that is a lot of paperwork but it is relatively easy through a "Contractor" that also handles the other contractors. Therefore the big labor job is compensated for the several that handle it. Club dues are set to handle the job. Club members vote this program each year. The vast majority of the 100 member + club has no objection to an additional $10-15 per year to cover the mowing cost. There are at least 2 workdays each year for site clean-up. They always bring a number of regulars out to get the tasks accomplished. CDs usually have no problem on obtaining adequate help to perform the duties for events when they happen if they use direct contact about a week before. IMO the other big chores are done simply because of the love of the sport and the camaraderie that goes with the job. Penalties don't work. If you lose a club member due to a penalty, how much must each other contribute to offset the loss? Credits for jobs done require a make-up from others. Options directly budgeted and open to all seems to be the fair way to do it, and gives each a chance. Those not performing still know why they are paying more.

And for you Bill, Sandy's big blow about the Dirty Dozen is just that -- A BIG BLOW! He was going to introduce these persons at the SWAC shows but failed to do so. So a few caps were sent out, but so what? I have not seen any mention of any so-called recognition in his column since shortly after its inception several years ago. Maybe if Sandy spent more time in his district he might be more aware of it rather than "living" in his place in Muncie.

Horrace AMA L 93

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Many of the clubs I belonged to had either no dues for officers and main workers, or had workers raffles at events.

I couldn't care less about the crybabies who don't want to work AND complain about anyone else benefitting by doing the hard work.

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Paul McIntosh

We also tried that. Didn't work any better than it did for DR1Driver. There was another local club the had the same thing happen. Only problem was the guys who did all the work got tired, left and joined us.

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I think someone may have mentioned this already, but a raffle of some sort at the work event might entice a few out. Reduced fees my cause grumbling (even though it shouldn't). How about take the amount you would have spent to reduce the fees and go get a few really nice raffle prizes? Not sure how much money you're talking, but the chance to win a radio or ARF might get you an extra body or two. Maybe even have the actual prize give out at the next club meeting so people can see what they missed.

V> Some of our club members bust their humps at the field and other club

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Vince Hendricks

Knucklebut (Dennis) makes a lot of sense. I kept up our old field of 10 acres for three years,enjoyed every minute of it.It's just what I like to do.I'm retired and ain't no couch potato. We just moved to a new field of 15 acres.I keep that up mowing and all the other stuff..I'd rather do it myself and don't ask for help. Last year it was brought up in a meeting that my dues be paid.Wasn't my idea but I accepted it.I usually spend a few hours a day four days a week cleaning up,mowing,empting garbage cans and anything that needs to be done and I really enjoy it. No compensation besides the dues being paid and I wouldn't accept any other compensation anyway. This problem has been around since day one at every club in the USA and abroad. We have 77 members and maybe 12 of us show up on a workday. The rest just complain of why things were not done their way...I say screw them,find another place to go. Sick of the jerkoffs.

Dennis is rite....If you enjoy what your doing.You don't expect anything in return.That's me.I'm having a great time on that there tractor.

Happy flying.

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