Glow Plug Recognition

I have mixed up some new 2st. and 4st. glow plugs, how do I tell them apart
Matt S.
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Matt S.
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You can't always tell. But, many 4-stroke plugs have an extended tip. If you see that the plug length extends beyond the threads, then you are looking at a "hot" plug commonly used in 4-strokes. However, not all hot plugs have extended tips. The Enya #3 is a good example of a plug commonly used on 4-strokes which doesn't have the tip extending into the combustion chamber.
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Matt S. wrote:
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James D Jones
Do the plugs not have any markings on them: A3, F4 ect?
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Doesn't that p*ss you off? The O.S. plugs I buy now are more expensive, but they work GREAT and are marked.
I don't know why other manufacturers don't mark theirs....
Good flying, Bob Scott
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What brand are they? Different brands may look different.
-- Paul McIntosh
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Paul McIntosh

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