good general purpose gap-filling adhesive???

looking for something beside thick CA. the stuff just doesnt seem
strong enough or fill gaps good enough.
2-part epoxy is awesomely strong, but mixing makes it a PITA as a
general purpose adhesive.
polyurethane glue works well for strength, but the foaming is also a
what else should i consider? also would be good if it's foam-safe.
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Don't have gaps, or do what I do - soak a bit of scrap in CA ands shove it up the crack as fare as it will go, and then knife off the surplus onces its stuck, as the bishop said to the actress..
Use it with micro balloons for a really tough filler/bonder when all else fails.
Car body filler is good too, but these things are not light..
Another bit of foam, and some PVA...
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The Natural Philosopher
i guess my big thing is that CA just doesnt seem to be that strong or robust an adhesive.
i like epoxy and polyurethan for how their robustness, but could do w/ o the downsides.
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I think I know how your feel.
Epoxy and polyU work so well it's hard to use anything else. I have made using them a little more agreeable by purchasing disposable mixing cups, mixing sticks, disposable nitrile gloves and lots of cheap rubbing alcohol for epoxy clean-up. The sticky mess and the smell of the stuff on my hands was half the reason I avoided using it....
Good flying, desmobob
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Robert Scott
Disposable gloves, latex, nitrile, or what not, make all sorts of things possible.
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