Help please with Sanwa tx / Futaba compatibility - Limbo Dancer

I've just finished my Limbo Dancer and have bought some radio stuff from
Ebay. I bought:
Sanwa RD 6000 Super tx
Sanwa RX 611 rx (Z connector)
Futaba servos
I was under the impression that Sanwa had changed its connectors so that you
could use Futaba servos etc. This doesn't appear to be the case! My
questions are:
1. Are Futaba servos really compatible with Sanwa receivers? If so, do I
need to modify the connectors?
2. If not, can I use a Futaba rx with a Sanwa tx?
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you can use futaba servos if you cut off the wing on the plug.
if the futaba rx and the rd6000 are on the same ch. and you set the shift polarity on the tx correctly every thing will work
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Trim off the little "L" on the side of the futaba plug and then they will work fine. Futaba is now the only one left with a weirdo proprietary plug.
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is it wierdo, or is it so you don't put them in the wrong way.
Polorised connectors are far better to stop you when you get the occasional brainfart and it takes ages to work out the problem.
Whilst probably not relevent to servo's iot also stops damage from power deing applied to the wrong wire..
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sanwa (and Airtronics) were the only airborn pack that was BACKWARDS! be very careful- I ruined a couple of servos that way way back when! The Sanwa servos are Black-black-black/whit color code. and they are OLD airtronics-or, rather, they are probably old airtronics, and thus, the "red" wire is to the outside. Double check it!
jeboba wrote:
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Refer to
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and scroll down to "Buddy Boxes. Servo Leads.Simulators.Interface" and in particular "Servos - Wiring Diagrams = use with other brand RX. " for pictures and details. =
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FWIW the current Sanwa/Airtronics use a blue signal lead and an S-01 connector same as Hitec, JR and current Futaba when the little 1/2 length tab is boken off the present Futaba J plug which is also corectly chanfered on the oppossite sides to the tab.
regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Links
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