I need to know EVERYTHING about helicopters

I've decided to switch over to helis... well, more like add on to the
airplane hobby... I wanted to know if there were any good sites that talked
about specific things like how to set up the heli system. I'm not too sure
about some definitions like throttle curves and idle-up and other heli radio
functions. No need to tell me how a helicopter works though, I already know
that. But I'd like to know what are the advantages of collective pitch as
opposed to fixed pitch? Is it more responsive that way? That's the only
reason I can think of. Also, I need to know what to look for in a gyro when
choosing one. I'm going to start off with a 30 sized heli. I'm aware that
they take a long time to learn to fly, but I'm pretty sure I have a good
start at the learning process since I've nearly mastered it on Realflight
G2. Don't worry, I won't be attempting the inverted hover right after I put
my first heli together. If you can give me as much info as possible and
leave out the obvious stuff, I'd much aprreciate it. Thanks!
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Tom Minger

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