Let's try this again... (introduction)

Hello All,
I am building my 2nd RC sail plane - my first was the Goldberg
Sophisticated Lady (T-tail 3M plane). She died a horrible death when a
gust came up and shoved the plane right into the ground from ~25ft while
attempting to land. That as almost 13 years ago. This Christmas, my
wife decided I needed another hobby other than computers - I am a
database guru by day and host internet sites from home by night. I do
play golf every once in a while...
Anyway, my new plane is the Gentle Lady, the sister to the Sophisticated
Lady. At this writing I have all but the last half of the main wing
glued together (and no I generally do not follow directions step by step
:) ). Hopefully will finish the later this weekend. Then I will begin
the assembly.
My question is, has anyone experimented to give these birds a more
spectacular launch using - say - a 1/4A model rocket engine? Sort-of
like using the JATO on the Blue Angel's Fat Albert?
And yes - insanity runs in the family... :)
Hmmmm. to answer my own question I just found this on youtube:
formatting link

If you prefer to not click unknown links - search youtube for:
"Jet Assisted Takeoff (JATO) RC Plane"
that is SOOOOO coool!!
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Michael Austin
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You'd actually get much higher acceleration (and for much longer) from a high end electric setup. The LMR (limited motor run) glider guys can get up well over 2000' in 30 seconds. In the video, it looks like they were using six rocket motors, and other than the pyrotechnics, the results weren't all that impressive.
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On Fri, 09 Jan 2009 20:29:09 -0600, Michael Austin wrote in :
In this family, too. Welcome!
As some of the comments said, that really isn't a lot of altitude, but the coolness factor is undeniable.
They probably have to tilt the rockets down so as not to burn the fuselage--or else to resemble the Fat Albert package.
I would try to get the thrust pointed straight back, if possible. A glider's wings will provide all the lift you need to get up and start hunting thermals in short order. If you've seen pix of gliders being towed up by a bungee or by a winch, you'll understand what I mean.
Seems to me that trying to lift such a light aircraft by rocket power alone means you're fighting the top surface of the wing instead of getting the wing to work for you.
I've got a Great Planes Spirit. When we're done playing with it as-is, maybe it will be time to try some of those long-burn rocket pods also mentioned in the comments.
Of course, if you get a misfire on one side of the fuselage, it will be game over. :-O
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Welcome to here. Welcome back to the hobby. (I miss golf)
Sail planes, that's right down Doug's alley. I still have my first, an Ace something.
That is pretty cool. try it for fun but I don't think you'll get long flights out of it. A folding prop and lithium batt would be my better guess for getting up there.
I'll bet you could have pics of your building up on a website in about 10 min. (hint hint) mk
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will try to get to that later today... first - it's clean out the basement of old junk so I can start the completion the renovation job...
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