Removal of Super Glue without melting the plastic parts

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On Wed, 14 Jan 2009 06:38:38 -0600, "Peter Olcott" wrote in :
They say that you can weaken CA joints by freezing them.
Of course, you may weaken the plastic parts that way, too.
If the plane is unusable in its glued state, you may as well go ahead and experiment with the cold treatment. Worst case, you break the pieces entirely and have to buy spare parts. But if you don't break the joint, you have to buy spare parts.
What have you got to lose?
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
| Does anyone know how to remove CA glue without dissolving | plastic parts? I want to repair my Parkzone Vapor.
I don't know if a commercial product like Bob Smith's Un-Cure will damage plastic or not. It does say it will remove some paint on the bottle instructions. The guys I know are using low temp glue guns to build and repair their indoor foamies. It doesn't take much to make a joint. A lot cheaper than gold CA too. Don't use a high temp glue/gun.
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Debonders for CA will also affect most plastics. Your option is usually only cutting the parts with a razor blade or razor saw and then bonding them back together.
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I've always had fair success picking away at the joint with a very sharp X-Acto blade. Patience is the key. Perseverance helps, too. -- Ray
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Ray Haddad

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