Need Airplane Suggestions

A friend gave me a 31cc ( Ryobi weedwacker engine conversion that he
had never used. I ran it on a test stand and the engine runs good and holds an
idle. I'm looking for suggestions on an airplane for this engine. I realize
this is
not a high performance engine so I'm kind of in a quandary as to what kind of
airplane would be a good fit for this Ryobi. I have experience with a
Fox/Sachs 2.4 engine in a large Ultrastick w/eight servos so I'm not a
novice when it comes to flying or setting up a large airplane with a gasoline
All suggestions are welcome, whether a kit or an ARF.
Joe L.
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The definative plane for a low-power gasser of this size is a Cub. A giant Telemaster would also be great, if you can find one. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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DynaFlite FlyBaby if you can find an unbuilt kit.
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Look at a Robin Hood. Absolutly nothing exciting to look at with the engine hanging out there, but flys well. Or if you wanted to check out a well made kit, look at the Bruce Tharpe Flying Kings. Not sure which size, or if either size will work with that engine, but they have a great reputation as kits go. Andy
We can make a box of wood.....FLY!!
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Why don't you build a cowling? It's not very hard. Make a round one, and it doesn't even have to fit on the front of the plane tightly.
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Robbie and Laura Reynolds
How about a Dynaflight PT-19
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Normen Strobel
Thanks to all those who replied with their airplane suggestions for my Ryobi 31cc weedwacker engine conversion. Joe L.
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