Sig Rascal 40

Has anyone put an OS 40 Surpass in a Sig Rascal 40? How does it fly? I have a

40 Surpass and I am looking for a nice slow plane for it. If the Rascal does not fly good with it, what other plane would you recomend?

Thanks a lot.


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The Sig Rascal 40 would probrably require at a least a surpass 52.

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Normen Strobel

I've got a OS .52 in my Rascal 40, great flier, and actually looks pretty fast at full throttle. I think a 40 four stroke would actually fly this plane, but pretty low and no power for aerobatics. Definitely would be a "lazy flying day" plane.

Oh, and reinforce the landing gear block with tri-stock. This is the planes big weak point.


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John Thompson


There was a product review on the Rascal Forty in the October, 2002 RCM. I moved the landing gear back 1 1/2" as suggested in the article; this improved the ground loop tendency. I have a Saito 56 in my Rascal and find it a good combination. I get 24 ten minute flights on a gallon of YS 20/20 fuel. I would follow Johns suggestion on reinforcing the landing gear block. I also epoxyied the wings together as I was overstressing them doing aerobatics.


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