Engine Cowls

I have a Golberg Anniversary Cub and am replacing the flimsy original ABS
cowl with a fibreglass version. I had to cut the rear of the old one (to the
rear of the engine) to get the cowl over an OS46 FX mounted horizontally
with a pitts style muffler. I'd like to maintain scale as much as possible.
I have seen methods where the entire area behind the engine has been removed
but it doesn't look right. How was the cowl on the full size J3 attached? I
have seen another method where the top and bottom of the cowl were separated
and then screwed together. This looked like a better approach but the cut
had to be very precise and looked tricky. Any assistance would be much
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Separating the cowl into two parts isn't all that hard. Just carefully mark the cut line with a sharp pencil and cut with a razor saw. Once you have the two parts they can be made absolutely flat by using sandpaper on a flat surface (like a plate of glass). You might want to make an overlap on the inside by gluing on a thin plastic strip to one of the two separated parts.
Jim - AMA 501383
jfl> I have a Golberg Anniversary Cub and am replacing the flimsy original
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James D Jones
E-mailed direct with three photo attachments. Cheers, Fred McClellan the dash plumber at mindspring dot com
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Fred McClellan
Not sure Fred if you got my direct reply and if not, thanks again for the photos of the "real McKoy". I'll try and duplicate that method on my Goldberg J3 and a Sig 1/4 scale J3 still in the box.
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