BSA repair

Well I finally got a round tuit and applied some to the BSA generator
set over the weekend.
The first job was to get at the points. I'd been cleaning them via the
access hole for some time but a more determined effort was needed. This
meant removing the fuel tank, engine cowl and the flywheel. To remove
said flywheel needed a puller. Nothing spectacular, I found a piece of
ally offcut about =BD" x =BE" section that had enough length. The
flywheel has two tapped holes either side of the crank end. These were
1/4" UNC or BSW. I assumed UNC. Not that it makes much difference at
that size. The ally bar was clearance drilled and a central hole
drilled and tapped for the puller bolt. I decided on 3/8 UNF, it being
a nice fine thread. As the puller was ally, I helicoiled the hole to
give it more strength.
Having made the tool, I had to prove it worked. The various bolts were
applied and the centre bolt tightened. I was surprised just how much
force was needed to remove the flywheel. Then I found it was a taper
fit onto the crank. That explained the tightness.
Now I could get the points off and clean them properly. The pitting
wasn't as bad as I thought it might be but a good rub on wet and dry
worked wonders. Working on the principal that some is good so more must
be better, I dug out my diamond wetstones. These are the multicoloured
plastic backed type that we have all seen. A quick wetting and the
points were rubbed along them. They worked remarkably well. The pitting
soon disappeared. I took care to try and maintain the slight concave
surface of the points while I did this. A final clean with the fine
stone left a nice looking finish.
The engine oil looked a little sad so that was changed for new stuff.
The engine was then cleaned with petrol to remove the build up of oil
and dust before being assembled.
The time to test run it had arrived. Petrol was poured into the tank
and turned on. After a few minutes, fuel spilled out of the carb. That
was without the tickler. The float valve has been iffy for some time
and has so far resisted all my attempts to make it work. Anyone know
where I can get another? The good thing is it helps cold starting and
the thing bust into life on the third pull. A quick check on the
electrics said they were working so I left it to run for a while. The
problem was the crankcase breather was spluttering more oil than I
thought reasonable. Perhaps I've overfilled the sump. The plan is to
take it to IF for the crankup so we will see how it goes then. Comments
from the knowledgeable ones will be received with interest.
Now all I have to do is find the time to paint it.
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