BSA Charging Set Variant

I've just bought another BSA charging set (don't ask why, I have no idea
other than it was stunningly cheap!).
Anyway, I though it was a little unusual in that it is a 250W American spec.
It has the same 100cc BSA engine and fuel tank base but this has been down
rated to 1800 RPM (as opposed to the 2200 RPM for the British Army version)
which probably accounts for the reduced 250W output rather than the 300W of
the British unit.
It has two outputs: 15V DC and 230 V AC @ 60 Hz.
Picture at:
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For all I know these are probably ten-a penny but it struck me as unusual
that a British engine was used for an American genset. Possibly the whole
thing was made by BSA for the US Army or maybe they bought the engine and
base unit and added their own generator to it. There is no real clues on the
thing other than various labels referring to American specifications and the
oil requirement is apparently 'Oil Lub M-120' (very un-British).
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The British version was a copy of the American one called a Chorehorse.
Martin P
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I knew that they were very similar but didn't realise that they were the same and based on an American design. Thanks.
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There are several different kinds, 12, 24 volts DC and 250 AC are around. The original engine - the Iron Horse, I thought?? - is also to be found & I flogged on a couple of these on e-Bay last year. Obviously identical, but having a top tank, a decent carb and mainshaft pulley rather than the petrol lifter and integral dynamo found on the gen sets.
They appear to have been built by many & various manufacturers & I've seen Canadian, British (BSA & Douglas) and American versions. Here's some photos of one of mine.
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Ubiquitous, but I will say that it is the only engine I have that I can absolutely guarantee will start after six months of standing without difficulty or refuelling.
J. Kim Siddorn,
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Kim Siddorn

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