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hi guys, thanks to all who replied re my lister d. in my quest, my mates dad has given me 3 lister d's (in bits) for spares or recon. he also gave me a little engine that i cant find any details on-HELP!!!!!!!!!! its a little War Dept charging set lightweight 80 watts. the markings are zb10632,apparently made by E.P & Co Ltd. if anyone has ANY details on this,please could you mail to thanks in advance

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These lovely little things used to be rare but seem to popping up all over :-) WW2 battery charging set (also available in AC) made by a large number of Cos. I suggest EP is possibly Electrical Power Engineering of Brum. Patrick Knight shows a set of working instructions on his list for 1.50 regards

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Can you post a link for Patrick Knight or mail me some details - I too have an ~EP charging set sitting in my workshop waiting for me to get around to giving it some attention - unfortunately it doesn't feature very high on the priority list and hasn't made any progress up the list in the past two or three years :o(

I think its complete apart from the cover - oh and the previous owner who actually used he unit to charge batteries when working and doing research out in the field - this field being the wilds of Greenland and such places, painted the entire thing with red oxide - including the rectifier plates!

Anyone in the Cambridge/Huntingdon area interested?



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