BSA Gen Set

Hi peeps,
Yes you've guessed it, I've just aquired a-n-other engine and require
the great sage's wisdom in my assistance...... it's a BSA Engined 30v
300w Gen set in what appears to be very nearly complete. although some
wrong coloured parts. The choke cable is missing and the regulator nob
has been exchanged for a-n-other.
So any one with any info on these "Little gems" will be gratefully
received and any info on parts availability ie gaskets and service
What I can see I will be requiring is the fuel one way lift pipe
(Mines not quite one way :-)) is it serviceable does it just pull
apart? and a crank oil seal behind the points, slight leak (all adds
to points lubrication).
Oh yes the timing.....I know is fixed by the woodrough key but the
points still has 3/16 movement which when transposed to the outer rim
must = 10-15 degrees. Or am I talking horse feathers (nowt new there
then) Also what should the points gap be?
Obvious after all these years the wiring behind the ammeter is well
in need of replacement, this I will try and locate a firm in/near to
Sheffield, to re-produce.
So peeps there you have it for now, when I remember I'll look @ the
plate and post any numbers I can find (most obvious is WD 1960)
Hope some one out there can help please, anything will be gratefully
Have fun Yours Paul Greaves
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P Greaves
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Lo, I've found the peice of paper with the numbers on........
On the cooling cover there is to plates a small one "pop" riveted over the top of a larger one. The small plate you read looking up towards the cylinder head the larger plate you have the cylinder head facing you and you read down the cowl ( hope you can follow that )
The large plate is very difficult to read (rust attack and wear) I can just make out the number:- B18 2014 / 152 / 2 possible some other figures I'm not sure.
Small plate is a typicle etched and puntched jobby:-
Charging set E.D. 300 WATT. 30 VOLTS. WD Serial. B799 /MG/60 BSA 1960 MOD AMPS 10 VOLTS 30 WATTS 300 RPM 2200 Once again any assistance will be gratefully received........
Have fun yours Paul Greaves.
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P Greaves

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