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Gentlemen (and ladies?)
I have the chance to buy a BSA generator set tomorrow (Monday). It's a 240
volt, 2.5KVA generator driven by a 8 hp engine on an open frame. I haven't
seen it yet so apart from the fact that it's described as heavy and the
engine works, I know no more. However, knowing the source it's probably in
good condition and should work electrically.
Now the problem is that neither of us know the value of such a thing. I had
about £50 in mind but that could be way off. What do you think is a fair
price for it.
I realise that the description leaves a lot to be desired, but that's all I
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John Manders
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John, Usual rules apply, start low and meet in the middle for a working Gen set of 2.5KVA a bit more than £50 I would have thought maybe £100 would be a beeter choice.
Martin P
To big for the boot of an Impreza thought :-))
John Manders wrote:
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If it is in really good nick, then anything up to about 100 quid a KVA for smaller sets, dropping a bit for larger units. An 'A' grade Clarke Power set with Briggs and Stratton and cheap 2.2 KVA Italian alternator would cost you 250 quid in my local cheap-n-cheerful DIY store. I'll go along with Martin's advice, it's probably worth 100 quid of anyone's money.
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Peter Scales
Got it. It turned out to be a Briggs and Stratton not a BSA as I thought. He was right about the weight though. It's all in good condition. No dents and only a little surface rust on the tin work. The history is known back to 1989 so it's older than that. I suspect not that much older. No real vintage interest here I'm afraid. The engine runs but probably needs a carb clean out. I'm told the sponge air filter is crumbling. There are 3 ID plates on the thing. Engine serial No. Generator details and another plate with electrical details that I suspect is the assembler rather than the manufacturer of the components. The generator part was made by the same manufacturer as the one on my BSA. Unfortunately, it doesn't give a date like the BSA does so a little more research may be needed. It's too big and heavy for me to take to shows, even if it was interesting enough. My first thoughts are to keep it as a working genny for power cuts. We seem to get a lot here, more in the last 2 years than 9 years in Wales on a long overhead supply. I shall probably build a louvred enclosure for it so that it can be run when needed but is protected from the elements and prying eyes when it's not. The price was good too. I did the final bartering in the presence of wifey. Even she had to concede that a freebie was good value for money. I didn't expect that and tried to haggle the price up a bit but he was adamant so free it was. I'm happy now.
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