Nylon washers

Well, here is another subject...but first, thanks to al who wrote
about the lack of kits and such...yes, the world is changing...but for
me, building kits or scratch building is totally my only creative
outlet and I love it...and flying, too....my basement workshop is
filled with finished, flown,and busted, too, models and many still in
the "building" stages...plus many kits accumulated over the years...
NOW..for all of you who hold your wings on with those nylon bolts...I
ahve been going to home depot and buying some nylon big washers, about
an inch or larger in OD with a 1/4 inch hole in them and they really
spread the load and keep the wing portion where the bolt is seated
from being crushed inwards...but those washers at Lowes and Home Depot
are not cheap. I thought I could find a box of 100 at the local bolt
and screw places, but no luck. A few I found on the internet search
will make to order but unless I buy 10K, it is priced out of sight.
So..does anyone know where to find some of these nylon washers...let's
say, with a 1/4 hole and an OD of at least1 to 1/2 iinches..I think
the larger is better...I can't seem to locate any on my Google
Regards to all and thanks for reading my rambling stuff...
Frank Schwartz older (but not OLD) in Tennessee
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Frank Schwartz
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Try Small Parts, Inc.,
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I have no idea if they'll be price competitive, but if you want washers in nylon, delrin, fiber, stainless, brass, ceramic -- oh, and plain old steel -- they have them. Try McMaster-Carr,
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Tim Wescott
Micro Fasteners has them --
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Good service, too!
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"Frank Schwartz" wrote in message > the "building" stages...plus many kits accumulated over the years...
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Lyman Slack
Take the big round servo wheels you get from Futaba and drill out the center (hub). They make great wing bolt washers. That's about ALL they're good for.
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Jim Slaughter
Jim..thanks for the tip...odd but I have nearly a box full of those big round Futaba servo wheels. I have been wondering what to do with them and who uses them anyway? I checked every lead that everyone has given me for some big nylon washers with a quarter iinch hole...biggest I found was 7/8 OD...no good... At Ace hardware they had some about 1 1/2 inches OD but with a smaller hole ID..guess I could drill them out to 1/4 inch..but they are about 50 cents each...wow!! Frank
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Frank Schwartz
McMaster Carr - look there, they excel at this stuff. They have an online catalogue - their wed address is: their name with no spaces.com.
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