Old Laser 90 Engine

Ive got an old Laser 90 four stroke engine thats been sitting around for about 10 years in my garage and needs a dam good strip down and clean up. I have few questions...

1) What should I use to clean an engine like this?

2) Is it worth cleaning up, or would the liners/bearings etc be too corroded by now?

3) I cant find the carb, does anyone know how much these are and where I can get one? (I seem to remember them looking like Super Tiger carbs)


David Bevan

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Wouldn't it be best to return it to Neil for check out and overhaul? The site may have parts for this oldie --

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Lyman Slack

It's worthless and cluttering up your shop. Let me help you by taking it off your hands. I need a paperweight for my plans. :) Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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I have heard that a soaking in auto antifreez will remove all th

sludge. An old crockpot will speed the process. Do not cook in th crockpot if used for cleaning parts. Careful of the fumes

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car breakcleaner ????

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Been there and done that. They do indeed come up like brand new with this method. Let it soak overnight and maybe use a toothbrush or similar to shift any stubborn deposits. Don't put plastic or rubber bits in though.


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