Hi All
After 6 months in the hobby,and having practicaly smashed up or crashed all
the beginners 3 channel models :)) ive finaly decided to try my hand with
ailerons.Ive got coyote glider from Ripmax.could somone give me some
usefull tips? Ive made the model,it looks so nice i cant bring myself to
launch it,cos im afraid of smashing it up,is the use of ailerons a totaly
different technique to the beginners 3 channel,with motor,ruddr and tail
control? any tips would be usefull,the plane is ok ,ive had it checked out
etc.any help would be greatlfully recieved.
thanks keith
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Not really, in 3-channel rudder planes, you turn to bank. In 3-channel aileron planes, you bank to turn!
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Morris Lee
.could somone give me some usefull tips?
Yes. Get an instructor. Ailerons won't help correct a lack of flying skill and experienced advice.
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I have been flying for years. Self taught even. First flight lasted 10 seconds. Switched to a glider then to gas. I got better from then on. I bought a Reflex flight sim a month ago and used it a lot. Went out to fly again since last year and I was way ahead of the airplane this time more than ever. It worked for me. There is a difference flying almost daily and a few times a month.
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jim breeyear
Yes Steve im using the reflex sim,to be honest though,its not realy seemed to help me much with planes,ive learnt a lot with the helis though. Keith "Steve Banks" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:qMXae.241$
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