RCadvisor.com Releases Calculator SE, Free Model Airplane Design Software

Albuquerque, NM-May 13-RCadvisor.com launched on January 1, 2008 with
Calculator SE, an advanced free online calculator for model airplane
building and design. Calculator SE features an electric power system
optimizer, a virtual wind tunnel, a scale model sizing tool, and a
real-time airfoil analyzer. Running on multiple platforms, it
incorporates features distilled from the latest usability research.
According to founder and lead developer Carlos Reyes, "Ease of use is
the primary design goal, but accuracy has not been compromised."
Ease of Use is the Primary Design Goal
Calculator SE uses ToolTips to provide help on highlighted entry
fields, when it has advice to give, or to indicate an invalid entry.
An online tutorial guides the user through common tasks. Twenty-five
interactive graphs highlight trends at a glance. Graphs and results
are recalculated automatically with every data edit, encouraging
experimentation and speeding up the learning process.
Designed as a set of workbenches, each component (motors, airfoils,
etc.) can be analyzed independently. A consistent layout for each
workbench makes knowledge transfer easy. More advanced workbenches for
airplanes and power systems combine multiple components together.
Accuracy has not been Compromised
Dennis from Tracy, California says "Wow, that's a pretty nice
calculator. I input my TwinJet at my altitude and average temperature,
and the max speed (level flight) is almost exactly what I measured!
Very nice, and Great Job!"
Advanced Design and Features
The calculator and extensive component database reside on fast server
networks in the United States and Europe. The calculator is no larger
than popular homepages and loads very quickly. The user's data is
saved every three minutes to the same server networks to prevent data
The calculator requires no installation and runs on Windows, Linux and
Mac OS X. It is very fast - the power system optimizer can analyze
40,000 configurations every second.
About RCadvisor.com
RCadvisor's goal is to help individuals design and build better flying
model aircraft through the use of an advanced free online model
airplane calculator. Founding RCadvisor.com in 2007, Carlos Reyes has
had lifelong love affairs with airplanes and computers. He holds a
Private Pilot-Glider Certificate from the FAA and has enjoyed flying
model airplanes for many years. A Computer Science degree from
Columbia University and 25 years of experience prepared him well to
tackle programming the calculator.
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