Re: Ace Whizard Construction Help Needed...

> Putninja1,
> Did you ever get the ACE Whizard finished?
> I just got an old kit with no wings or plans.
> I will have to dig out my old RCM mag. for Jan. 1974, supposed to be in > there.
> The plans in there should help. Will try to duplicate a set of wings
> from my ACE ME109. should be about the same. I have seen other people
> adding a center section to the wing, may try that also.
> Any other Whizard flyers out there?
> Regards,
> Paul
Hey Paul,
The Whizard came with a wing center section. It has a spar slot for a
piece of 1/8 X 1/8 spruce. You glue that in, then wrap the joint with
some kind of light fabric and glue. I think that it was originally
tissue and white glue. When you find your article, run the plans
through an enlarging copier and trace the airfoil. You can then cut a
wing from foam or build one from balsa. If it was me, I might try the
balsa because I like balsa better. If I remember correctly, the
wingspan is 42 inches.
By the way, the ME 109 has tapered wings, but the Whizard has constant
chord wings. I would be happy to send you a set, but I don't have any.
All I have is a couple of thousand tapered ones. The Whizard would fly
great with tapered wings, but I would still recommend adding a center
section, because if you reduce the area too much it won't fly like a
Whizard any more.
Does anybody know if Ace foam wings are once again commercially
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