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> you really >>shouldn't have the simulated stitching stand out at a distance of 4 feet. >>Keep it subtle :-) > >Thanks, Lyman! You're right, most scale stitching is drastically overdone. >I'm thinking of putting an Elmer's glue thread under the covering, directly on >the capstrip, to minimize the hump, and make it easier to do. :) >Dr.1 Driver >"There's a Hun in the sun!"

Here is an easy but effective way to apply stitching. Much better than blobs of glue and possibly quicker.

Take a lump of smooth timber aprox 3" X 36". Clamp it in a vice. Lay down a strip of Double sided Carpet tape. Cheep stuff because it is thinner. Leave the top on. Lay down another layer, Remove the top layer. Wind round some thread, Cotton rather than nylon, At the desired scale spacing. Clamp down a steal ruler and with a rotary knife cut strips according to your rib thickness.

You now have a long strip of self adhesive tape with threads cut to with to apply to your ribs.

A much harder job is the taping but if the the model is 1/4 and above Scotch home hair dressing tape is excellent, but most W.W.I had torn rather than pinked tape. thin paper is best. Applied wet.

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And, for those that may not know Richard... He's paid his dues, and is one of the most highly regarded scale competitors in the U.K.

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Great idea, Richard! Tnx. BTW, there is another tape that I have also found useful...made by 3M. It is called Micropore, Paper First Aid Dressing Tape. Similar to the hair tape but not pinked and is white rather than coloured. It comes in various widths. The roll I am looking at is 12.7 mm wide. It is sticky on one side...sort of resembles silk span. Great for covering rib stitching where pinked edges not needed. I have also layed it in along the joint between the horz and or vert stab where they meet the fuse. Great product...bought it at the drugstore. Gord Schindler MAAC6694

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Pete McDermott brought the 3M tape to our attention, they were treating his prop injured hand in hospital when the nurse was applying this tape, "Hang on a minute, that is far to good for my hand" he ordered a case of it! It is good because you can get it in narrow widths.

On my latest I used paper tape made by the Check Republic's champion, Pavel Fencl. It is pinked and comes in verios widths. his Info if required.

The carpet tape idea came to me from USA. via Claude McCollough who used it on his Waco SHD-A as I did.

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