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I was going through my archives and ran across this post from 99. Thought it was funny.


Subject: Hamster in a Tiger 60, what a laugh

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Hi all,

Last weekend my friends daughter wanted me to take her hamster for a ride in my CG Tiger 60. So I unscrewed the canopy and put the little critter in. Took it up, did a couple snap rolls, inside and out side loops, couple of spins. Man the "peanut gallery" was laughing so hard that I had to land, the litte guy was no worse for the wear. You ought to try it,,,,,,,,,,,,tooooo much fun! Dave

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I do remember this.

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Fubar of the HillPeople

Yea, I remember it too and I still think the guy is an idiot. We had a guy at the field that used mice as pilots. He thought he was a good guy because he set them free at the end of the day (assuming they lived that long). Otherwise, they would have been snake food. Mike

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So you think pointless animal cruelty is funny?


** snipped just in case it gives other sick people ideas **

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sea bee

He was wearing seat belts, mate. And a helmet.

-- Ray

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Ray Haddad

Well, not for the poor little bugger in the plane - I guess some people get their fun from inflicting pain and stress on those unable to effectively protest or to do anything about it.

Maybe your friend will let you strap his daughter to a bigger plane if inflicting misery is what you guys do for fun

David - disgusted

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Well I was drinking at the time.

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Oh, well, that's all right then.

So what other socially unacceptable things are really OK if you've been drinking?

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Tim Wescott

Really? And you were flying? Sheesh

The club I was flying with does not allow members to fly while under the influence.

For safety I would have thought that would apply to all clubs and flying venues - I think it does here in Oz.


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That was an utterly idiot thing to do.

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