replace bearings in electric motor

Had my PJS-1000 electric motor develop a knock, just like a gas engine, now
that really got everybodies attention! :) Got so hot it locked up and
couldn't put a finger on it.
Pulled it apart and found the rear bearing bad. A flying buddy told me he'd
punched the bearings out of his gasser and simply went down to the local
bearing store and picked up some new ones. Hell, nothing to lose, so got a
skinny punch that when inserted in one end it would catch the shoulder of
the bearing at the opposite end, couple of taps and out it came. No problem
getting replacements from the bearing store, just a few days wait.
Haven't got a chance to try it yet, but feels good. Almost deep sixed it
and had gotten a new AXI to take it's place before getting the rebuild
advice, but thought I'd share the thought. Two new bearings $8.00 vs. new
motor $80-$100, not much to lose if it doesn't work......
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Mmm. I HOPE its not demagged.. You must have been close..
If you know how to do it, it generally DOES work.
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The Natural Philosopher

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