RFG3 heli... very nice improvement

It's a love hate thing. Now that it's working well on my system, I'll forgive the preceding BS temporarily and just enjoy it for what it is. Closer to spring, though, I'll want to get the 9VHP dialled in, and KnifeEdge had better have figured out how by then.

The heli flight model is *much* improved. Partial crash damage is just cartoonish for planks, but FB for helis. One too many insults and a tail rotor departs. Which leads directly to observing that autorotations are very close to real life. Not to mention the normal flying. All very nice. Full on re-kits are explosively impressive; close enough for toy software. It would be better if the tail boom folds up as they really do, but that's just eye candy. Mebbe I just missed the setting for aluminum rather than carbon for the boom. Speaking of which, it seems less prone to boom strikes than the real thing, so maybe watch the overconfidence.

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