Super Custom spares?

Anyone know where I might be able to get hold of a new front bearing
for a Super Custom 75 2 stroke engine please? Engine runs fine but is
starting to spray a small amount of fule through the front bearing.
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Len Cuff
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I took a look at the Boca Bearing catalog and they didn't list SC. You could try contacting them, perhaps they have something.
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If you remove the bearings and measure them, then call Boca, you can get a discount on your next order by supplying them with new information. They'll have them by dimension. BTW, I think SC is the British equivalent of the Mecoa/Megatech line. You can also contect Paul Landels at Just Engines in the UK or go to their website. http://www.justeng> Len Cuff wrote:
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Geoff Sanders
Paul, Thanks so what will the total cost be for bearings and shipping to UK and how would I pay you?
cheers, Len
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Len Cuff

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