Transmitter is back to front with FMS. Help!!

Hi. I just installed FSM on my computer and linked up my Zhen Hau PCM
4CH transmitter. The simulator programme recognizes the transmitter
but the throttle control on the simulator is on the right instead of
the left where it ought to be, and is, when I fly my electric
Dragonfly helicopter. Any idea how I can make the transmitter work
correctly on the sim would be greatly appreciated.
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There is a selection on the menu where you calibrate your 'joystick'. Just before you go into the calibration mode there is a list of channels with boxes next to them. You put your channel into the channel the software thinks is throttle. I stopped playing with it a month or two ago.
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On 5/15/2004 5:30 PM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
Change the "Mode". You should be able to do it in the sim. It has been awhile since I used FMS, but it should be in the calibration part. If you can not change it in FMS, change it in your transmitter, just remember to change it back before flying your electric helicopter.
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Ted Campanelli

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