Tygon fuel lines?

Does anyone know if the pale yellow fuel line ( Tygon) used for gasoline
engines will chemically "melt" if it is in long term contact with other
plastics? I need to run some fuel lines in a confined space and would like
to run them through a rigid plastic sheath to prevent them from being
I've never had a problem doing this with silicon, glow fuel type lines but I
have no experience with gasoline rated fuel lines.
Mark D.
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Mark D. Fain
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I would not expect a compatibility problem with the synthetics. However, if you are engineering an inaccessable installation, I would consider a metal fuel system (brass or stainless). I have never had tygon last long periods of time without getting hard and cracking ot crumbling. The yellow tygon is worse than the clear, and the blue stuff (not sure if its actually tygon) is worse than the yellow. In additon, expect to replace the tygon clunk line in the tank at least once a season.
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Tom Minger

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