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> (snip) You didn't want education. You mistrust education. Ive got > education. I get SLAMMED by rednecks. Who think they are just as good as I > am.


The problem with your last sentence is that many of "we rednecks" have all encountered folks with college degrees all the way up to doctorates that are morons. Usually, these folks basically had their parents by the diplomas through political associations (father was a Fellow at such and such aerospace company) or simply by huge contributions to the educational institution that uttered said diplomas. Add the dumbing-down of all of America's educational institutions and you will find that the prestige that once accompanied a college degree has evaporated. They mean nothing. Respect is earned by actions/deeds. Not how much paperwork is displayed upon a wall. I know this irks the hell out of old school folks who figure that they are a cut above we ordinary folks, but that is the way it is. We base our respect upon results, not worthless paper.

Unlike some European countries, we do not have a class system other than for very rich folks. As you know from examples from your country (Beatles), one does not have to be particularly intelligent or scholarly to make a lot of money.

In our country (USA) we ARE as good as you are.


Bush got elected because hes a redneck. He's nice enough, but he's kinda > dumb, and doesn't really think much about anything. And he got totally > used by those who put him there. The average redneck wants to have his > gun, and his bible, and feel that as long as you can read the first, shoot > the second, and say prayers, thats enough to make sure he enjoys paradise > on earth, and paradise later on as well. And he hates smart arsed east > coast lawyers and college folk that try an tell him otherwise.. > > Sorry bud, you are about discover hell on earth.


Oddly enough, I see quite the opposite happening. A reawakening and reorganization of America is about to occur. Just as everyone underestimated us before WWII, we will once again surprise the rest of the world by moving away from a petroleum based economy.

As the West buys less and less from China, its economy will tank, with little chance of regaining its once powerful post in world economics. Example: Japan. Once again, Americans will begin buying and producing American made goods. Why? Because there will be no alternative after the Asian companies have tanked. Remember, those companies were created and capitalized by Western dollars. We won't be making that mistake again.

America's population is varied, so there aren't as many rednecks around as you think, unless you are calling anyone without a college degree a redneck. To us, redneck has a special meaning and it isn't necessarily a bad meaning either. We like being called cowboys, by the way. That is not an insult to anyone with a bit of ambition and balls.

You sound like a bitter citizen of a once powerful nation that has lost all of its colonies and has faded into the past. That may be what is happening to the USA, but I wouldn't bet money on it.

Ed Cregger

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