will planes warp if not built in a resonable time?

Hello all,
Once agin i have a quick question...I have about 3 planes in their
boxes that have not been built yet.
These came from the place that i ordered them from and have been
stored in my APT(which has forced air for heat) Do I need to rotate
the boxes so they dont warped with the temp/ humidity change?I try to
keep things from being stacked on them so as not to crush the plane
box..one is standing on it's end and the rest are right side up...
I know i know... build them you say.. but like some of you we dont
have the time to build them...
Any one else have insight on this?
thanks gig
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I have a number of kits in my garage that I've initially opened and poked through and not touched otherwise in 15-16 years. The PT-20 kit I just pulled out as a father/son project didn't have a single warped piece in it. Other than the instruction book being pretty yellowed, it was good as new.
I've got a Sig P-51D kit in as new shape as well and I'm pretty sure that one's been sitting for as long as the PT-20 kit was.. (That's next summer's build)
I think if you keep the boxes closed and don't expose them to extremes of heat and cold, they should be ok. Mine are all stored flat. I think standing them on end might induce warping... My $0.02
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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego
Just take them out and leave for a few weeks in yoir buold area to allw the wood humidty to settle to what its likley to e once built.
Wood moves foirever as the humidity changes: The trick is to machine, build and use it is the same sort of humidity regime.
Heat per se does nothing to warp wood: Its te changes in relative humidity that accompany the temperature that make it warp.
I've seen firniture that curls up in summer and flattens out in winter, every year, like clockwork :-)
Outside, winter is the highest humidty, but indoors humid summers are worse..because the winter air gets heated and RH drops on heating..
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The Natural Philosopher
Thanks gang... I was wondering if i wasted my money or not... I promise to get out there and build more! thanks
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I would store the planes in a low humidity environment
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