Wing Dragon II

Hi, new to the group, and flying.
I live in the UK and have been enjoying flying a glider that i got
cheap (£35) from, it's uses a pretty cheap
Differential propellor system to fly.
I've crashed it a few times, and now i have broken it, but i had good
fun. They only thing i felt was that i wasn't in control of it alot
of the time, i.e. alot was dependant on the wind conditions and if you
got into a drop you had to let it go and pray it would correct itself,
otherwise bang!
Now.. What i ideally want to get is a 3ch rudder controlled plane
which will hopefully give me more control over the overall flying
system, am i right in thinking that if i got a 3ch plane that if i
crashed it would be down to my own skills rather than other influences
(i.e. wind).
I'm looking for something quite cheap and the Wing Dragon looks
absolutely perfect for me, has anyone tried these and could recommend
them? I like the idea that they are easy to land (From watching a few
videos online).
Also, as i've only had previous exeperience with a cheapy glider would
it be wise to get another similar glider before paying a little bit
more on something like the Wing Dragon II/
Any help/info/alternative planes/Opinions will be appreciated.
Also if anyone who lives the uk knows where i can get these cheap in
the UK? I've seen them on ebay from Hongkong and the RTF kit is about
£48 plus £30 P+p (OUCH!) But you get a spare wing and battery which
sounded pretty neat. I don't like paying that much postage, but it
may be my only option judging by stores over here that sell them for
£100 before P+P.
Thanks again if you can help me any way possible in convincing me, or
warning me if i've made the incorrect/correct decision. Thanks.
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I think the Wing Dragon is ideal for your situation. However, be awar
that while you are in the early stages, it's not really a good idea t fly in much wind. I recommend learning in calm conditions, the progressively trying light winds then stronger until you find your an the plane's limitations. Remember too that the wind up above th treetops is often much stronger than on the ground
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Greetings from over the pond.....
Forget that crap...... Move to a 4ch and be done with it. More control requires more channels. It is an investment. If you can afford "Dual rates" buy it!
Now, I have been flying RC for 25 years. Taught myself on a Goldberg Gentle Lady glider. You are best off moving to power now, So get the Sig "Kadet", and a basic .40 anything. I think Tower sells the ARF, which is cheaper considering time, glues, and covering. You could get their package deal, but most likely the radio would not have dual rates.
Order the Kadet, and start with ONLY wooden props to save your fingers until you move better around props.
Stay in touch. Your new RC friend in the USA.
Soft Landings,
Mike Reiman The Reiman Corporation, CEO 2505 South Ocean Boulevard Palm Beach, Florida 33480
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The Reiman Corporation
I liked the Wing Dragon but wanted a 4-channel. Spoke to dealer and the
sent me the Wing Dragon II with a 4-ch. I can use the electronics whe I upgrade plane
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There's nothing i like more than finding a love letter from scstemp :
I've just read on the art tech site that they are bringing out a 4 Channel Sportster version of the wing dragon with 4 channel controls, dunno anything about price though.
In the end i got an Electrafun from my local model store, it was a 100GBP but everything is replaceable which will suit me down to the ground, plus there's a few upgrades which can be made to them -
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Very enjoyable so far, i just wish that battery packs would last longer! :(
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Wing dragon is inexpensive and good electric trainer. The learning cos
is less than if using gas ones. Some friends, after mastering thi trainer, can even land his very first 4-ch gas trainer without damage Go get it, you won't dissapointed...
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