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Does anybody know, using Tools/Attribute Extraction, how to extract block's
attributes so the X,Y,Z coordinates are in UCS, not in WCS? Everything is
like I need except the coordinates. It is rather impossible for me to
convert them from one CS to the second because I have to do this in many
files, and in each the UCS is moved from the WCS for a different vector.
Marcin Mirowski
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Marcin Mirowski
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Maby you shuld look at the AutoLisp "Trans" function. This function will yield the UCS cooerdinates.
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You could try some of the software on my site
formatting link

You'd need to use the Survey Import/Export program to export the block names and coordinates to a *.csv file. Next use the survey program again to import the the *.csv, specifying 'coordinate marker blocks' for each unique block type (this can be done globally). What you'd have at this point is blocks (superimposed on your originals) which display the coordinates as attributes.
Next you'd need use the Coordinate Marker software to update the coordinate attributes to the UCS of your choice.
Finally, use the Survey or Data Manager software to export selected data.
All our programs are free to use for 30 days, which ought to be long enough to follow the circuitous route outlined above. :o)
Mark Frise CADD Productivity
Marc> Does anybody know, using Tools/Attribute Extraction, how to extract block's
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