Beginner: command ".refedit" in AutoLISP

my problem is simple. I want the user to select a block, and then perform the command "-refedit". I have the following code:
(while (= setSelection nil) (setq setSelection (ssget ":S" (list (cons 0 "INSERT")))) ) (setq strBlockName (ssname setSelection 0))
Now I can use strBlockName to, for example, erase it:
(command ".erase" strBlockName "")
But this doesn't work with "-refedit". I have tried to use the handle of the block, but it doens't work either:
(setq objHandle (cdr(assoc 5 entBlockData))) (command ".-refedit" objHandle "ok" "all" "yes")
Can some one please tell me how to select a block (a reference?) and than perform the command refedit on the block?
Thank you very much.
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