CAD Services

Do you need some help in your design office or maybe just need some
mechanical drawings produced on CAD?

Give Willow Designs a call

I can produce all your mechanical designs, and then detail them to
BS308. Everything from the smallest components to the largest
assemblies can be designed to your specifications.
I am a UK based designer with 7 years experience in designing,
everything from small and extremely accurate components, to much
larger Stainless Steel welded assemblies and chambers for the UHV
Scientific Vacuum Industry. I have a further 9 years experience in
designing plant and equipment for the food processing industry.
If I can be of any assistance to you, now or in the future, or you
would like further details, please do not hesitate to contact me by
using the details on my web site
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We are providing CAD conversion and digitization of drawings at fantastic rates with quality assurance. We can provide fast turnaround.
Contact us with your requirements.
biswaroop todi
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Hi, all,
We are very professional in CAD design and modeling, and in home appliances and furniture R&D experience. We are willing to supply you various kinds of design services, including industrial design, model, structure design, all detail model feature and drawing making, BOM, strength FEA(Finite Elements Analysis), rapid prototype and CNC prototype making, Engineering consultation, etc. Our quality and speed is quite high.
If you have design or engineering issues, you are welcome to tell us what you want. Your explaination and drafts are welcome. Then we will send you quotation, then achieve them. Normally we estimate the hours to complete the modeling and design, and give you the quotation of $12 per hour. We always complete the work in time. We can supply you STEP or X_T or IGES files, and even the files in original format. We can do strength analysis for you to make your product succeed at the first time running.
We located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, and is near Hongkong. Our contacting E-mail is, Office phone: (0086)769 7050767, My mobile phone: (+86)13712474111
Best regards,
Raymond Smith Compo Design Co., Ltd.
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