* CONTRACT * Junior Draftperson

Title: Junior Draftperson
PROCOM Ottawa has a client who is seeking a Junior Draftperson for a 6
month contract
Qualifications / Duties:
* College drafting diploma or similar discipline with exposure to
drafting coupled with one to two years experience
To create, maintain and release 3D product definition assembly
drawings through ECO's and markups
* Will need to be able to interact closely with R&D, PSE, Manufacturing
and CMS
Minimum one year experience using Pro-Eng 2001 or Wildfire modules,
including Basic Pro-Eng, Pro Process, Pro cabling and Pro-intralink.
* Minimum one year experience using AutoCAD 2000 or higher.
Experience with Valor, Adobe, FileMaker, SAP, Excel and Word
Contract Length: 6 months
Location: Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)
Start date: August 2, 2005
Interviewing: ASAP
Rate: Negotiable (commensurate with experience)
Professional Computer Consultants Group Ltd. (Procom) is a privately
owned Canadian Company established in 1978 to provide Information
Technology (IT) Professional Services to Clients in both the Public
and Private Sectors. With more than 1700 Technical Resources on staff
Procom generates revenues in excess of $200 million annually. Procom
provides end-to-end IT services and solutions to clients worldwide
utilizing a highly individualized business model that combines its
on-site and off-site operations. Procom, together with strategic
alliances, has operations spanning 34 locations in 15 countries across
4 continents - covering over 80% of the world IT market. Currently, it
serves global markets through offices throughout North America. As a
result of its market success Procom currently ranks as the 7th largest
IT Professional Services Firm in Canada.
We would like to thank you for your interest. Please note that all
submissions will be assessed. However, only suitable candidates will
be contacted further.
Please submit your most recent resume to:
Derek Weber
Senior Technical Recruiter
300 March Rd., Suite 600
Kanata, Ontario
K2K 2E2
Fax: (613) 270-9449
Phone: (613) 270-9339 ext 231
E-mail: snipped-for-privacy@procom.ca
Your resume will not be submitted to our clients without your full
knowledge of the opportunity and consent.
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OK. After 8 posts by these jer...gentlemen, it's time to see if there's any more room in the killfile.
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Michael Bulatovich
Yep here's a copy of my post (from another group) last time the posted this crap:
I find it annoying that a placement company uses "spam" as their way of finding people. And most annoying of all is their insistence of posting the same exact post over and over again (6 posts to this group in the last 13 days). Newsgroup retention (worst case scenario) is at least 5 days (good providers have 30+ days retention time). Anyone that was interested in the posting would respond, they wouldn't need to see it 6 times and then say "oh, maybe that's for me!"
Of course this whole conversation is irrelevant. IMHO most "spammers" only care about themselves and don't bother to read what other people have to say anyway (i.e. Procom will probably never read yours or my posts). Of their 36,000 posts about job listings the majority are done in "jobs" newsgroups (which is good) but they repeat the same post ~once/day (which is bad, especially in a group with minimal "noise").
Just my thoughts,
Michael (LS) PS - I am in no way affiliated with the OP and therefore don't feel the need to help them do their jobs correctly/successfully, but I do reserve the right to tell them what they're doing is wrong....
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Michael (LS)
It's rapidly approaching time for someone to contact: snipped-for-privacy@primus.ca (their web host) You can even quote their AUP: "8.e. Established Usenet conventions ("Netiquette") prohibit advertising in most Usenet newsgroups. You agree to post advertisements only in those newsgroups that specifically permit them in the charter or FAQ. Some newsgroups may permit "classified ads" for single transactions between private Individuals, but not commercial advertisements. You are responsible for determining whether or not a newsgroup permits advertisements before posting. 8.f. Netiquette prohibits certain types of posts in most Usenet newsgroups. Types of prohibited posts include chain letters, pyramid schemes, encoded binary files, job offers or listings, and personal ads. You may post these types of messages only in newsgroups that specifically permit them in the charter or FAQ (if any). You are responsible for determining whether or not a newsgroup permits a type of message before posting." snipped-for-privacy@igs.net & snipped-for-privacy@igs.net (the ISP they're posting from) snipped-for-privacy@uce.gov (FTC address for spam complaints)
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Michael (LS)
Looks to me like your half-way there, Michael. Why not finish the thing?
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Michael Bulatovich
Because I'm not a rat!!! Also, maybe the OP can willingly change their ways without having to be told to.
I boy can dream....
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Michael (LS)
Think of it as "whistleblowing" instead of "ratting".
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Michael Bulatovich
Welcome to ott.jobs. There's plenty of "recruiting agencies" that are known to crosspost or multi-post. You can tell because they make postings about jobs in places other than Ottawa.
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Raymond Martineau
Pffffffffff no matter what method they use to recruit poeple it all comes down to basics you dont pay decent wages you dont get employees period
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