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I'm new at AutoCad (2004) and I'm wondering if there's a way to cut/copy and paste between layers. I can't seem to get it to work. Thanks.


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John Victor
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Yes but forget the cut, copy, paste and any other assorted Windows crap. Do you want to move an object to a different layer or do you want to copy an object to a different layer? Select the part, go to the layer drop down and select the layer you want it on. That's it. If you want to move a copy to another layer, make a copy first and then do what I said.

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^C^C_select \_copy;p;;@;@;(sssetfirst nil (ssget "p"));properties;

Here's a macro for a button to copy objects to another layer.

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Chip Harper

There are a bunch of routine floating around that will copy an item to another layer. Google Copytolayer:

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Michael Bulatovich

I skipped 2004 so not sure if express tools were included but there is an express tool, copy to new layer, included with 2005.

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Peter Ruehle

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