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Hi group
First to apologize, "jpg", but i dont know how else to explain my
1) "d1" and "d2"
How is this done in practice? Are "d1" and "d2" two separate styles,
or is this done with only one dim style (here i've done it with one).
2) If answer to first question is one style, than how do i get "ext1"
to end perpendicularly to "l1" and "ex,t2" to "l2" (here "d2" is
created using DIMBASE). The only way i know, is to create two
dimstyles with different offset from origin for extension lines (every
subsequent style has offset from origin increased by spacing between
dim styles).
3) How to move "340" to left for some arbitrary distance (not align
left, right, home) without exploding the dimension. Grips are clumsy
and i can't keep text "in line".
Thanks in advance!
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under "fit" in dimension style box, change text placement to "without leader" option, then get in to dim mode & type TE to manually move text around
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Thanks, it works. I guess that is the best AutoCAD has to offer for now. I wanted to somehow move text like moving line with ortho on. This is basically the same like with grip or right click. But i found workaround. Firs point from insertion, and than your solution.
Any opinions on 1) and 2), anyone?
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