creating 3d rendered display of XYZ imported Points

I have a surveying program that outputs a file of points with x,y,z
coordinates. In the past I have imported these to Autocad (Land
Developer) and displayed them as 2D with depths displayed at each
point. What I'd like to do and I'm sure there must be a way, is to
display them as a 3 dimentional rendered view of the surveyed surface
in question.
So... Can someone get me started on how to display a list of XYZ
coords as a 3d rendered display.
Dene Oehme
"The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist"
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Dene Oehme
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HiHo; Drop a "MESH" over them.
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Bestafor are you a dwalf ? or a Relation to snow White ?
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