Circle in 3D through 3 points

Hi there,
i was wondering if it is possible to draw a circle through 3 given points
that are different in X, Y and Z coordinates.
After inserting my 3 points, my circle through these points has following
the Z-coordinate of the circle equals the Z of the first point chosen in 3P
Autocad acts like the circle has to be drawn through these 3 points in the
plane Z=Z(first point picked)
The only way i was able to get my centerpoint (in a surveying task) is to
connect the 3 points with 3d lines and since 3points make only one plane, we
can apply basic math in this plane.
3 perpendicular lines through the middles of the triangle's sides give me
the centerpoint.
Is there an other way? and anyway, is it possible to draw a flat circle
through 3 3D-points?
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Mr Soul
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set the ucs to line up with those 3 points then you can draw it through them.
type UCS(pick points)
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well what do you know, it works!!
another thing learned today, thanks!
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Mr Soul

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