helix BVBA

This is little VBA code to create a helix and I am hoping that someone out
there has more skill than me can help get this to work.
b*** snipped-for-privacy@sprint.ca remove the *'s to contact directly by email but I
would rather see any response posted to this group
Option Explicit
Public Sub calc1()
Dim points(200) As Integer
' ReDim points(1 To 10) As Integer
Dim x, y, z, h, t As Integer
Dim counter
t = 5
h = 24
For z = 1 To 36
Select Case t
Case t
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Bruce Minty
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I do VB to create DXF files so they can be loaded into either full ACAD or LT. I think the following code gives a passable helix based on straight lines in 3D space. You may find it helpful.
The form has three inputs "number of rotations", "radius" and "pitch" and two buttons "Create helix" and "EXIT"
Private Sub Command1_Click() End End Sub
Private Sub Command2_Click() Nr = Val(Text1.Text) 'number of rotations Rad = Val(Text2.Text) 'radius of helix Pt = Val(Text3.Text) 'pitch of helix 'use 5 deg increments Inc = 360 / 5 'number if increments in a pitch Zi = Pt / Inc 'position in Z axis Itot = Nr * Inc ' total number of increments X1 = Rad 'initial x Y1 = 0 'initial y Z1 = 0 'initial z I = 1
dxfTempFile = "C:\tempHelix.dxf" 'dxfTempFile = GetTempFileName FileNo = FreeFile newCreateDXF.FileNo = FileNo 'passes FileNo to DXF module Open dxfTempFile For Output As #FileNo 'Open dxfTempFile For Output As #1
Lay = "Helix" Ltype = "Continuous" Call dxfHeader(-Val(Text2.Text) - 1, -Val(Text2.Text) - 1, Val(Text2.Text) + 1, Val(Text2.Text) + 1) Call dxfStartTables Call dxfAddLayer(Lay, 1) Call dxfEndLayerTable Call dxfEndTables Call dxfStartEntity While I < (Itot + 1) X2 = Val(Text2.Text) *
Cos(I * 0.087266) Y2 = Val(Text2.Text) * Sin(I * 0.087266) Z2 = I * Zi Call dxfAddLine(X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2, Lay, Ltype, 1) X1 = X2 Y1 = Y2 Z1 = Z2 I = I + 1 Wend Call dxfClose Close #FileNo
End Sub
Private Sub Form_Load() Text1.Text = "1" Text2.Text = "1" Text3.Text = "1" End Sub
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