hi folks,
i wanted to make threads on a pipe..
i created a helix and then a profile, which i cut sweeped..
now, what i want to do is make macro so as to change helix features
(pitch and height) .. can u help me by guiding me what function etc is
to be used?
thanks in advance
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First record a macro while it is recording simply select your helix feature. This will give you a call in the macro for selecting the helix.
Dim swApp as sldworks.sldworks Dim part as sldworks.modeldoc2 dim SelMan as sldworks.selectionmanager
Sub Main ()
set swapp =3D new application.sldworks Set part =3D swapp.activedoc Set SelMan =3D part.selectionmanager
Dim HelixFeat as feature set HelixFeat =3D SelMan.Getselectedobject6(1,-1) Dim hFeatData as HelixFeatureData
Set hFeatureData =3D HelixFeat.GetDefinition
hFeatureData.Height =3D .1 'Value passed in meters
end sub
Ofcourse you will have to do appropriate error checking and such.
Corey Scheich
end sub
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