Importing Magellan GPS data into Autocad

I use Autocad to map out well locations for our groundwater sampling
business and would like to use the Magellan Explorist 400 GPS I received as
a gift to expedite the mapping. While onsite, it will replace the need for
surveying the locations but I'm not sure how to bring the location
information (which I saved as POI's) to Autocad. The Explorist saves the
data to *.upt files, which can then be converted to *.wpt files for use in
their Mapsend software. This is how the data for 3 wells appears in the
.upt file:
Is there a way to automate importing each point into ACAD?
Any info on this is very appreciated, thanks.
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Unable to compete selling crippleware Autodesk has announced they are now providing their mapping software as open-source [1]. That implies there will be software developers interested in working with the product.
I use Autocad to map out well locations for our groundwater sampling
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A poster in alt.satellite.gps.magellan tells me there is a 3rd party program called GPS Utility
formatting link
which looks promising as it will convert the data to *.dxf files. But in my quick search I didn't see any other software for this, hopefully your news clip is correct and more will be forthcoming.
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What is you CAD app of choice? Obviously, it isn't Acad.
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S. Scalise
What you have there appears to be degrees, minutes, decimals of lat & Long, and meters of height, probably wgs84 or whatever else you might have specified as a co-ordinate system.
Is there an option with the unit to output UTM co-ords, or will you have to convert the co-ords after outputting the wpt file?
I'm not an acad expert, but you might find it easier to import the file into Terramodel, then export the project as a dxf or dwg for working in acad if you cannot complete what you want to do in Tm.
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