Looking for command or lisp file - text related

Looking for command or LISP file to globally change text style from one to
another. What I have is a myriad of civil details, each with a different
text style. I would like to select text and have all the selected text
change to a specific predetermined style. Any help?
Jon Endres, PE
West Mountain Engineering
Civil/Survey/Site Development
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Jon Endres, PE
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don't know what version acad you're running, but try typing cht (change text) then just select what you want.
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Later versions of acad do not come with "cht" but they do have the properties manager (Modify/Properties). First select "all2" or window the entire drawing then go to the top box of the properties manager and select "text objects" then move down the "misc", select "style" and pick the desired style from the drop=down list that will appear. This will chanage all text objects, regardless of existing style, to the chosen style.
John B
johnbogie btinternet.com Put the "at" in the gap.
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Thanks, that's what I was looking for.
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Jon Endres, PE

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