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I've always used full AutoCAD, but my brother recently started his own
business and is looking to possibly upgrade from AutoCAD 2002. Most of the
stuff I do for him is 2D, but on VERY rare occasions I'll do some 3D. I've
never owned LT, but I've heard that the biggest limitation is it's inability
to draw in 3D.
My question: Can you install AutoCAD LT 2007 on the same machine as 2002?
If not, we could install to a separate machine.
Question #2 (more important): Can you import 3D solids created in 2002 into
LT 2007?
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HI Beatle,
U can have as many flavours of AutoCAD on one PC as you like. The most recent version is usually the version that DWGs will automatically load up in from Windows Explorer but you can change that in the OPEN WITH dialog box.
Hope this helps.
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Andrew Heim
Thanks Andrew, I was beginning to think the post got lost on the server, since nobody had responded! The other question still stands, however - Can you import 3D solids created in AUTOCAD 2002 into AUTOCAD LT 2007?
Thanks again for the response, and to anybody else who can answer this.
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